What’s wrong with your country?

In the ancient Ethiopian town of Lalibela I once met a German guy. He was short. He had thick shoulder-length blond hair with a fringe half-covering his eyes. He was on a 6-month jeep journey from Hamburg to Cape Town. Rather than coming through Spain, Gibraltar and West Africa, or through Tunisia and Central Africa, he had chosen […]

Ethiopia Memories: Christian Muhammads, Mehmet Scholl, Coffee

In this post I share fun memories from my time living in Ethiopia in 2007-08. — In the West we often think of Muhammad as a Muslim name. In actual fact it’s just a name which originated in the Middle East, and it is not associated with a religion. It was in Ethiopia when I met Christians named […]

Living in Ghana & Ethiopia

I spent a year each living in Ghana (2005-06) and Ethiopia (2007-08), working in IT for the British NGO VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) at government offices. The two countries are very different, and my experiences in the two were quite different as well. Ghana is in West Africa, Ethiopia in the East. Ghana was colonized […]