My name is Mehmet. I’m a Software Engineer, working for a Japanese consultancy company in London, in the fields of Business Intelligence & Big Data.

I’ve been living in the UK since 2008. Prior to this, I lived for 2 years in Africa (Ghana & Ethiopia), and 4 years in North America (Canada & USA). Also in between on and off I spent 2 years doing various things like reading & writing in Wales. Before that I was in Turkey, which is where I grew up.

I am especially interested in going on journeys, Africa, multiculturalism, conflict zones, and creating good memories in faraway places with people I meet. So far I’ve been to 65+ countries. My last trip was to the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway.

On this website I tell stories like I do at a bar to a friend.

You can find me on Facebook: facebook.com/mehmetagop

Mehmet Agop Bakkaloglu


2016 – Trip to the Arctic Circle
2015 – After a 7 year gap returned to Sub-Saharan Africa and visited Senegal, Tanzania & Rwanda. It was also my first time below the Equator.
2015 – Moved to London, UK, to work for a Japanese consultancy company
2014 – Started RoadPaper
2012 – Took sabbatical for 2 months and travelled across Central Asia (from Mongolia to Georgia)
2010 – Visited the Middle East for the first time (not counting Turkey!)
2008 – Started job at health service in Oxford, UK
2008 – Travelled counter-clockwise around India for 3 months
2007 – Moved to Ethiopia to work in international development for one year
2006 – After a 5 year gap visited Turkey, spending 1 month walking in Istanbul, and also spent 6 months reading and writing in Wales
2005 – Moved to Ghana to work in international development, where I lived in a compound with 3 huts, without running water for one year
2004 – Quit job and moved to Wales, UK, to spend time reading for 8 months
2002 – Moved to Toronto, Canada, to work for a high-tech company
2000 – Moved to Pittsburgh, USA, for master’s on a scholarship at Carnegie Mellon University
Up to 2000 – Grew up in southern Turkey and graduated from Bogazici University in Istanbul


Alaverdi, Armenia — Aug 2012

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